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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!

Way to Go! We have been using Modern Masters Venetian because we can get it locally, but tried yours recently and like it much better -
it burnishes easier, is more transparent allowing more highs / lows / movement without as much effort - way to go guys!!
Shackelford Decorative Ptg.
Cranberry Twp., PA

Thanks... for the info on the zero gloss varnish for my "brick" project. Also thanks for the reminder to order online to save some bucks!!!!
- Kathy Reilly, Turnersville, NJ

Thanks Greg! That was a fun box to unpack (after carrying it up my 1/3 mile driveway w/ those nifty handles). But mostly I want to relay how impressed I was upon learning that the owner of this company patiently and thoroughly answered my questions for 20 minutes until I was satisfied with my call. Also thanks for the pigments! This has set the standard for customer service for me!
- Dabne Rose, A Dab of Paint

I just wanted to let you know that after taking four years off for family matters, I re-entered the world of faux finishers a little over a year ago. I made contact with designers I'd worked with before and added some new ones to my list and have had as much work as I've wanted. I have two jobs coming up that call for using your Venetian plaster. I'd done the technique in my own home five years ago and had nearly a full gallon of plaster and a half gallon of acrylic wax left over. I'd sealed them up but didn't use plastic. I'm happy to report that not only do I love the [ProFaux] products, but also the containers they're in! Both the [ProVenetian] plaster and [Acrylic Clear] wax are fine after so long - I only had to discard about a half inch of the plaster, but the rest is fine, so these jobs will be cream for me as far as materials go. Thanks for carrying such quality products that make my job easier, and more profitable! It was great talking with you today and I look forward to seeing you at either a class or the Faux Event.
Sincerely, Patty Stewart, Nitro, WV

I really enjoyed the Professional's Choice workshop. I feel that I learned a lot of new and different techniques that I never knew existed! At first I felt I was at a disadvantage because I had never worked with the plaster before and most of (the other students) were professionals. But I tried not to let that intimidate me too much. I really appreciate your patience as I know I was not your easiest student! I can’t wait to try some of the things I learned; I want to redo everything in my house (my poor husband)! Again, it was great working with both of you.
Jan, Peninsula, Ohio

I just want to commend you and Profaux. Your customer service, communication, invoicing, delivery tracking are by far the best I have come across in the industry and we deal with a huge cross section of suppliers. Thank you much.
Bruno Peters, Owner
Altech Design Granite Bay Californias.

I was at your Jennifer/Rebecca certification class in Minnesota last week and really enjoyed it. While I am nervous about passing - I am glad I pushed myself and ventured into unchartered territory for myself at least. I was so impressed with your talents and ability to share your knowledge and still be so natural and real with the students. The class really fueled my passion to press on and live my dream. I have been in corporate American far too long working for the man. It's time to stop dreaming and 'just do it' Thanks for sharing your knowledge and yourselves with your students.
Enthusiastically, Linda

I really enjoyed the PDRA certified faux consultant class you taught at Jennifer-Rebecca Designs in Circle Pines last week! It was a pleasure to take. Are you coming back to Minnesota anytime in the near future? Let me know so I can take another class!
Sincerely, Dolly Parker

Thanks for your quick reply. It just so happened that I received my order from you yesterday. Thanks for the opener and stir sticks! While going through the brochures, the Perfetto stuff pictured is exactly what I had in mind for some of the furniture pieces I have designed. Gonna try the autumn leaves deal this weekend since I got the wax kit. Have no idea what to do past that yet... Looks like I need to come and see you.
Thanks again. Jean Anne Shankle

Thanks for shipping my Venetian Plaster after closing time the other week. I finished the project on schedule thanks to you!!
- Sandy Savard

Just wanted to tell you guys that I appreciate you SO MUCH! You have helped me immensely with your awesome products and with your helpful hints. Thank you for your great service!
- Renee Hix, Athol, ID

I think I have already sold Jurassic Stone! My board from the convention is exactly the right color. Thanks for your entertaining and enjoyable class. I am really happy we did the intro thing and ended up hanging out all week with about 6 or 7 ladies from that class. I really liked the ProFaux Venetian plaster and am looking forward to the custom plaster tinting service this fall.
- Diane Beard, Mooresville, NC

I must say that getting started in this business (leaving the healthcare field) can be a bit daunting. Dealing with people like you really helps alleviate my fears and makes me feel much more comfortable taking expensive classes and "going for it"! Thanks again.
- Stephanie Fletcher

I've received (and used) the Venetian plaster and the copper wax overnighted too. Both projects should be finished by tonight-thank you so much for your excellent service!
- Doreen Sharabati, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thank you so much for getting that shipment out today. Muchas Gracias!
- Marge, Lake Forest, CA

I'd first like to thank you for your time and attention regarding my request of exchanging the Metallic Silver Acrylic Wax for Pearl Acrylic Wax!
   I can't tell you how pleased I am with you and your company. From the blazing speed in which my order was processed and shipped, to the personal attention you provided taming the Monster of my own creation.
   Now I come home to find an E-Mail informing me that a package was submitted for delivery, is beyond all expectations.
   Greg, you've raised the bar in customer satisfaction so high that any future E-commerce transactions will pale in comparison.
   Rest assured, any chance I get to promote your company and its products will be shamelessly proclaimed! ;)
- Thomas G, Shinneman, Roseville, MI

If you have not had the pleasure of
attending the John and Greg
ahem, class…write a check and get yourself registered! Not only are these two guys entertaining, but the real world experience that they bring to their training is invaluable. They keep the classes moving fast while you are learning new techniques and products, and completing great sample boards. I never go to a consult without my ProFaux sample boards, and will pull them out of my portfolio regardless of which treatment the client is discussing. Inevitably they want to know about one of the ProFaux finishes, and the sale is closed without me having to sell! — I have had a great time taking their instruction and then experimenting and expanding to some of my own finishes. The information does not stop when the class ends, and the guys are always around for last minute guidance or panic calls from your job site! The product ordering is easy and fast, and the customer service is top notch. My absolute favorite product line in the IRI waxes…I want to spread them on everything! John and Gregg are exceedingly knowledgeable and very generous with their expertise…and you are missing out if you don't attend this learning experience!
Tamara Taylor Clark
- The Painted Pear - Redmond, WA

I don't even know where to begin to thank you both for everything. You were so knowledgeable and sharing of your skills and time. My family loved all the finishes and Gary can't wait to get them out to show the clients. I will be telling everyone about your classes. Looking forward to a using all your products and building a strong relationship with ProFaux.
You guys are the BEST!!!
Maria Greco, Philadelphia, PA

Golf is a challenging pursuit towards winning. not only against the competition but the golf course as well. The first time I used the “Black Pro Faux” tees our team not only beat the competition we also conquered the challenging TPC River’s Bend Country Club, located 45 minutes north of Cincinnati, OH. We are currently testing the newest addition to the “Pro Faux Tee” family - the neon pink and green- to continue to hit it long and straight off the tee box. The “Pro Faux Tees” can add a new dimension of technological excellence to your golfing experience.
--Bill Pushak, General Manager
Shaker Run Golf Club, Lebanon, Ohio

I spoke with you a few weeks ago about doing a finish on a builder wall. You gave me alot of advice and referred me to Craig Reynolds who saved me about $8 on shipping (thanks!)
I finished the job this weekend, and the glaze was absolutely fantastic. It made it so easy and boy, what a change from the paint store product I had used to practice. I look back and think I was a little nuts to take on this job as my very first, but I am pretty pleased with the result. The room had alot of natural light and the actual colors she chose made the finish subtle, but I am sending you a picture of one of my walls.
Thanks again for all of your help and advice and BELIEVE me if I have earned her repeat business I am so sold on your product!
Nikki Bonds
P.S. I don't know if you remember but I told you my aunt (who lives in Centerville) used to be in faux finishing as a business. I told her I spoke with you and it turns out her partner, Kathy Fasig, studied under you! Small world!

Every once in a while I'm faced with an indecisive client who albeit their consistant change in mind, wants the project finished in an unreasonable amount of time in less than desirable conditions, (a contruction remodel!). Already at odds, the UPS guy is MIA with the shipment of paint supplys. What to do?! PROFAUX guys to the rescue!! Your professionalism, flexability and sense of humor helped pull a sticky situation through with beautiful results! The client is thrilled, I am relieved and the PROFAUX guys can stand proud in their capes and know they've saved another damsel in distress! Thanks for all you do, it's nice to know you are there for me to torture! You are much appreciated!
All the best,
Kim Smith, Just Faux You Painting
Hilton Head Island, SC

Attached are photos of the faux fresco I am doing with your product. Its basically the same technique I learned last october in france but using your products instead of lime based products.The designs are hand painted.
- Margaret, St. Louis, MO

I purchase Faux Effects products on a pretty regular basis and have also purchased your products. I have found Pro Faux to be a more reliable source for ordering. Also, I enjoyed working with Greg in the past, he was very helpful! Thank You
- Stacy, Post Falls,ID

Thanks so much for taking your valuable time to look at the site for me. Your taking the time certainly says something about customer service at ProFaux and gives me more confidence about becoming a dealer. Look forward to meeting you also. Estra

First of all I just completed a bath in your Adobe texture and my homeowner loved it. We wanted to give the bath and the bedroom a very moroccan feel and Adobe in the bath was the perfect look. Already I have two meetings scheduled with two of my clients friends. So I have to say thank you! I really appreciate all the help you have giving me by answering all my questions over the past year. Thank you!
- Antje Zwink, Bellallusions

Thanks for spending time with me today helping me with my selections. Your information about tinting the plaster was great. I really think your personalized service is awesome. That is just something you don't see often enough and because of that service you will have a customer who will be attending your classes and buying your products for years to come. I am no longer looking at schools or products to choose from, you have me sold that Profaux is the right choice for Fierro Painting.
Thanks, Ray Fierro

I always have confidence - not only in the products, but in the support service as well. That's a rare thing these days! Thanks again- I'll let you know how the job goes!
- Carol Huber, Verona, NJ

Thanks so much for the information! Greatly appreciated as I use ProFaux all the time. By the way, my painting partner calls it "the Money-Making Glaze" because it's so easy to use and the results are so beautiful.
- Bonnie Miller, Lincoln, CA

I love your glaze! Please send another $300. worth!!! I am serious! It feels like lotion on the skin, doesn't burn or smell bad either. This new stuff is great. Better than any other I have tried.
- Patty Hoffman, Houston, TX

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the fantastic faux finishes you did in my office. I wish you could see the walls in the varying light conditions from morning to evening it is a constantly changing work of art! You've performed so many miracle finishes here that it's difficult to choose a favorite, but I truly love my walls.
- Larry DeWitt, St. Louis, MO.

Thanks for your help! I think she has decided to go with a golden yellow color instead of the orange. I appreciate your help so much and look forward to selling your jewel stone! I just did a board in it and think it is a great product!!
- Dolly Parker

Just a little note to say thank you for the class you taught at the SALI convention. I thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts and techniques with us all in the room. You did a great job. Once again thank you
-Martin Riding, San Diego, CA

I had a great time this past weekend, nice group and great teachers as usual! I just wanted to thank you again for picking me up and getting me back to the airport, I really would never expect you to go out of your way like that, but I really appreciated it. I don't believe there is any other group of instructors that put as much time and personal effort into there classes and students as much as you do. - Bryne Lincoln, Annapolis, MD

Just wanted to pass on a complement. Got a call from Christine Lopez. She said: “The people at Pro Faux are so wonderful!” She had received her boxes and loved the little extras you had added.
- Cheryl Morris Barth's Faux Finishing Studio, Las Vegas, NV

The class was amazing and I love my boards. Can’t wait to show them to one of my high end interior designers. Thanks,
- Margaret von Kaenel, University City, MO

Thank you for the GREAT seminar you put on in Toronto this past February. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the different finishes.
- Vince McGrath, Ottawa, Canada

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