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Open-Time Glazing Liquid      

Open Time Glaze - Data Sheet

DESCRIPTION: ProFaux's OPEN-TIME Glaze is an acrylic flat-sheen multiple effect decorative glaze coating with Superior working time . Ideal for all general glazing effects such as positive and negative sponging, Ragging, dragging, colorwashing, and stippling. Used to enhance ProFaux texture products: pro-Adobe, pro-Sandstone Roll-up, pro-sandstone Spatula and Pro Toscana. Great for one-person glazing operations on walls, ceilings, and molding surfaces where maximum working time is essential. Tints with latex paint. Typical glaze to latex paint ratios are 4:1 up to 6:1 for slower drying, more translucent effects.

GENERAL: for maximum working time, tint a latex primer/sealer close to the base coat color and prime new and/or absorbent surfaces; White pigmented shellac, for example BIN by Wm. Zinsser Company, is also an excellent sealer. It too can be tinted. ON old paint, remove loose paint, fill, sand and prime. On wood, metal and concrete, use recommended sealer. Next, base coat with a high-quality pearl, satin or semi-gloss sheen acrylic latex paint. Allow to dry for at least 48 hours. (Yes, that's two full days necessary to form a tight film).

MIXING: tint with any latex paint, custom or premixed. Stir well with a paint paddle or ProFaux mixer and a drill. The final color achieved is an optical blend between the base coat and the Open-Time Glaze color; the glaze color will usually be the predominant color since it is applied last. Test glaze colors on a sample board before proceeding, as the glaze color in transparency may look quite different when applied over the base coat. Before proceeding, as the glaze color in transparency may look quite different when applied over the base coat. When mixing recommended glaze/paint ratios, Open-Time Glaze will lower the sheen level of the paint by approximately one level. To raise the sheen of Open-Time Glaze, simply tint with a higher sheen latex paint. For example, to achieve a satin glaze, tint with semi-gloss latex paint.

APPLICATION: May be applied and mottled and mottled with varied tools such as brushes, rollers, cotton rags, lightweight plastic and sponges. Softens best with dampened sea wool sponges and/or dry cotton rags. For wiping application of tinted glaze using a sponge, fill a clear plastic water bottle with the glaze mixture and dispense directly onto sponge. Reload sponge as necessary. Safety note: Clearly containers when Refilling with other liquids. Coverage: 400-1000 sq. ft. per gallon.

WORKING TIME: 2 hours working time when tinted with 15% latex paint (i.e. 6 parts glaze to 1 part latex) 1 hour working time when tinted with 25% latex paint (i.e. 4 parts glaze: 1 parts latex)

DRYING TIME: 8 hours to overnight, depending on film thickness(68 degrees @ 55% RH). Use oscillating Fans to speed drying.

use warm soapy water for application equipment. Do not dispose of any product in sewers, waterways or municipal garbage. Use all the product you buy or give it to someone else who can. If Disposal in necessary, contact your local municipality or paint store for instructions.


GUARANTEE: ProFaux products, when applied according to directions, are guaranteed to perform as specified or product will be replaced. Surface conditions and product applications are beyond the manufacturers control; therefore no other liability, warranty or guarantee is implied or represented.

PROFAUX Open-Time ™ is water-based. Recommended For Professional Use.
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