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Turning Faux Into Dough
Feature from The Paint Dealer, December 2000
In this feature, written by Associate Editor, Jerrold Rabushka, Pro Faux reviews ways to capitalize on the regional demand of faux finishing.

Page 44 - The Paint Dealer - Nov/Dec, 2000 - Turning Faux Into Dough

Turning Faux Into Dough

by Jerrold Rabushka, Associate Editor

Are your customers tired of just being pot and brush? Not blown away by blow and go? Painters looking for a more creative outlet, not to mention the ability to charge by the square foot rather by the apartment might be ripe for taking a seminar like those offered by Pro Faux.

Nationally known faux finishing artists Greg Frohnapfel and John Catalanotto instruct pro painters, dealers, decorators - well, anyone! In techniques, that can set students a step up from the pack.

A painter working in a larger city might consider a seminar such as this to keep up with his competition as well as his deco-forward customers; in a smaller city where such talents might be a rarity, being one of the first on the block who offers such services can open many new doors for a contractor as well as for the dealer, who can start selling more high end products.

The truth of the matter, asserts Catalanotto, is that no one in America really needs faux finishing, therefore marketing is essential, as well as good service and satisfying results. One selling point is that each painter will bring his or her own personal style, and each customer will have a unique creation. After that, every time those customers throw a dinner party (or high tea, for that matter), it is free advertising. The price of such services, notes Catalanotto, will be largely based on regional demand as well as the skill level and notoriety of the painter. Places such as Arizona and New York currently seem to command higher than Midwestern states; then again, wherever you are, if you can help you painter turn a $20 wall into something that nets him $100 or more, you will gain a loyal customer.

Seminars run for two days; class sizes are small and cover several techniques within a given medium. Attendees receive personal attention (including free lunch), plus tips on how to market their services, create a dynamic port-"faux"-lio, and make a professional presentation.

They'll offer up to three two-day classes consecutively, so painters can attend one or more depending on their interest. For information, call (800) PRO-FAUX or click onto

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