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As Seen In The Paint & Decorating Retailer
Saying "I Do" to the Faux Market
Excerpt from The Paint & Decorating Retailer, March 2002
in this featured section written by Diane Capuano, Executive Director.

Saying "I Do" to the Faux Market
By marrying your faux finishing business with your professional contractor base, you could live happily ever after.

Quality is Key

Another key to serving the professional contractor in the faux finishing market is to carry quality products. As Greg Frohnapfel of ProFaux Workshops and Tool Co. explained, quality leads to expediency. "Time is money," he said, "and you can always work more efficiently with good materials. The cheaper stuff always winds up costing more in the long run."

Another way to cater to the professional is to provide them the decorative painting supplies in the sizes that are most appropriate for their work. For instance, Frohnapfel's partner at ProFaux, John Catalanotto, noted that while glazes in quarts are just fine for homeowners, professional decorative painters and contractors will need to have these products in larger sizes. "Be sure to carry these glazes in gallons," he recommended.

It's also important that retailers back up their quality products and the proper product selection with the exceptional service that contractors have come to expect. "Customer service is very important," Frohnapfel said. "The retailer who provides service along with quality products will be a step ahead of the competition."

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