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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Since 1990, Pro Faux has worked with students,
colleagues, and manufacturers to set the standards
for Decorative Finishing in the United States.

Greg Frohnapfel, (seated) Pro Faux's Artistic Director, is a graduate of the London, England-based Pardon School of Specialist Decoration. He has been an interior design artist since 1974. John Catalanotto, Pro Faux's Business Manager, has an extensive background in business and faux finishing. Note: The award-winning table pictured above was originally chipboard!

Pro Faux has conducted well over 1000 workshops and seminars around the world. Their efforts have served as a catalyst for the resurgence of faux finishing in the United States. Through their teaching and consultation with decorative product manufacturers, they hope to maintain a high standard of custom decorative finishing in the United States. ProFaux continues to provide reasonably priced and conveniently scheduled, hands-on workshops, that cover virtually all aspects of the Decorative Finishing industry. Greg and John spend as much time and effort creating a comfortable working atmosphere as they do teaching actual techniques. After all, learning to create faux finishes can be challenging enough without added embarrassment or intimidation. They find that this extra effort pays off, often resulting in long-term relationships with their students.

The Ancient Art of Faux Finishing
The Ancient Art of Faux Finishing Believe it or not, archeologists have uncovered marbleized Mycenaean pottery dating as far back as 2200 BC. Additional techniques such as woodgraining, Trompe L'Oeil and glazing found their way into Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations on wall murals, furniture and accessories. The Europeans developed faux finishing through a Guild System-skills were handed from Master Painter to Journeyman to Apprentice. Each passed skills to the next until, eventually, the apprentice became the Master Painter and the cycle began again. During the early 20th century many advanced marbling and graining techniques came into focus, as well as the development of specialty tools, glazes and methods. Today, faux finishing is enjoying a glorious renaissance and can be found in many fine homes, businesses, broadcast sets, theatres, marketing applications, graphic design and civic institutions. You too, can master these techniques by studying with the country's finest artisans and teachers
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