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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!

Specialty Tools

Specialty Tools
We provide an assortment of handy professional specialty tools to make your project easier to accomplish.
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Pro Faux Blue Steel Spatulas - Set of 5
Comes in a handy set of five for tight fits or large areas. They don't leave unwanted ""burnish"" marks like other stainless spatulas.
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ProFaux Trapezoid Venetian Trowel - Soft Grip Handle
This Italian 3" x 8" stainless steel trowel features a study, soft grip composite handle with an aluminum frame, a tapering blade and rounded corners. For use with all polishing Venetian plasters, deco effects and smooth decorative stucco. The exquisite factory taper allows for smoother application on larger walls. Designed specifically for the professional applicator, the thicker steel blade retains its shape!
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Brush Stuff
Rub Brush Stuff into your brush or roller cover prior to using to prevent paint from clinging, make cleanup easier and help your tools last longer. Brush Stuff can be used with both latex and oil/alkyd paints, on both natural and synthetic brushes and rollers.
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Green Machine
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Sea Wool Sponge
This 6”-7” Sea Wool Sponge is a renewable natural resource that is harvested from the ocean. Scientific studies confirmed that the regular harvesting of natural sponges actually enhances the health and population of the sponges. Sea Wool sponges are soft, pliable and absorbent. They perform well for paint sundry use, faux finishing, general cleaning, and bathing. Sea Wool Sponges are in great demand because of their level of performance and lower prices.
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Yellow Cellulose Sponges
Yellow Cellulose Sponges (6.75”x4.6”x1.75”) are ideal for applying ProFaux Stonewash Powders over previously painted knockdown textures, Pro-Venetian Plaster, ProSandstone and E-Rock Carved Stone by E-Crete Ltd. The cellulose sponge structure gives it special capillary action for maximum absorption. Professional use Yellow Cellulose sponges for masonry floating and finishing drywall. They’re also great for general purpose cleaning projects including auto, flooring, tile, kitchen, walls and painted surfaces.
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