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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!

1 Day Workshop!
Advanced Metallic Textures Workshop
Everything old is new again! Wait until you experience just how fun and affordable it is to dazzle your clients with these fabulous new metallic techniques. And.. receive over $200 worth of product vouchers! All ProFaux finishes are achieved with either revolutionary removable or recoatable water-based products. Advanced Metallic Textures workshop includes: Old Casino, Golden Age, and Medieval Metal. Check our workshop schedule. To sign-up, call 1-800-PRO-FAUX, or fill out our contact form for further information. You can also visit our secure online store to reserve a seat at one of our workshop. Next workshop!

Click to view actual size!
Click to view actual size!

Aged Casino
Here's one out of an old movie set. An aged Patina surface with lush patches of copper showing through - a peak into its past days of glory. Create this yesteryear finish easily, quickly and safely with our waterborne products!

Golden Age
Rich, elegant, inspiring. Ahhh...the Golden Age...a place or feeling that transcends time. Texture with sienna, gold, and ochre undertones make this finish a perfect choice for a space destined to be cozy. Easy to do. Easy to sell.
Click to view actual size!
Click to view actual size!
Here is a technique that you just can't find in this world...literally...a combination of metals that conjures up the mysterious underpinnings of the gifts from the heavens above. Learn how to combine metallics and texture bases to create this stunning finish.
Medieval Metal
Time to get medieval! This textural finish inspired by trips to the museum and armor-clad romps in the woods on our horse named Homer. Seriously, this is an awesome finish. With a combination of texture and silver, you can travel back a thousand years in a few hours at our 1-day workshop.
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