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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!

1 Day Workshop!
Architectural Building Blocks Workshop
This workshop provides a solid foundation for learning the most lucrative masonry finishes for spacious interiors. High-quality acrylic ProFaux products make it easy for you to perfect the time-honored skills of a master stonemason. Architectural Building Blocks workshop includes: Jurassic Stone, Etruscan Sandstone, Venetian Marble and Pitted Travertine. Check our workshop schedule. To sign-up, call 1-800-PRO-FAUX, or fill out our contact form for further information. You can also visit our secure online store! to reserve a seat at one of our workshop. Next workshop!

Click to view actual size.
Click to view actual size.
Jurassic Stone
A delightful way to add a touch of prehistoric nature to a half bath or den. More than a mere Paleontology curiosity, fossilized remains of ancient plant and animal worlds forms the gas, oil, coal, cement, marble and other products we depend upon. Truly unique finish.

Pitted Travertine
One of the classic building materials! Greeks and Romans used this readily available marble for both public and private works. Today, travertine is commonly used for flooring and wall cladding. This finish is generally filled and polished when used for horizontal surfaces such as countertop.
Click to view actual size.
Click to view actual size.
Venetian Marble
Here is a suggestive faux marble that can be achieved in many color combinations with very simple tools. In this technique we'll use a warm color, a cool color and a neutral off-white to add interest and depth to your next project. A cinch to accomplish with our Venetian Base.
Etruscan Sandstone
Fast and easy! This roll-on texture is sure to be a real moneymaker for the decorative painting contractor! Show off the subtle sandstone texture by lightly staining this texture with ProFaux's natural earth pigments. Finally, accent this pre-roman stone with metallic hints.
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