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Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!
Get the new Pro-Venetian Color Fan Deck!

Old World Wall Finishes Workshop
Learn how to create the rich textures of the "Old World " - the finishes found in Europe and other ancient places. The following finishes are accomplished at our new Old World Wall Finishes Workshop! Check our workshop schedule. To sign-up, call 1-800-PRO-FAUX, or fill out our contact form for further information. You can also visit our secure online store! to reserve a seat at one of our workshop. Next workshop!

Acquerello - Click for Actual Size
Spaccature -Click for Actual Size
Acquerello (ah-queer-rell-o), Italian for watercolor. With the texture of sandstone and the rich glow of the rising sun, you're sure to find the perfect wall for this glorious finish. Colorwashing over slight texture is such an affordable and easy way to build depth and radiant light effects on larger walls in today's homes. For incredibly flat and lap free protection, use Zero Gloss varnish for years of durability.
"Spaccature" (spack-ah-tour-ay), Italian for "cracks in plaster". This high-end designer finish is ideal for flat walls and suitable for furniture and wide moldings. Create numerous color combinations including metallic grounds with tinted spatula coats. Overglaze for added depth and protection.
Leta del Bronzo -Click for Actual Size
Crature - Click for Actual Size
Leta del Bronzo
Leta del Bronzo (Lay-tah dell-bron-zo), Italian for "the age of bronze". Just the name takes you back several centuries. This is another removable metallic finish that would look equally handsome in a cozy den, on a library ceiling, or on a favorite accessory.
Crature (Cray-tour-ay), Italian for "moon craters". Create this removable metal texture on walls, ceilings and furniture or wherever else you find appropriate. This wonderful finish will serve as an inspiration for many more.
Finitura Ruvida - Click for Actual Size
Finitura Scopata - Click for Actual Size
Finitura Ruvida
Finitura Ruvida (fin-eh-tour-ah roo-vee-dah), Italian for "rough finish". Sometimes you require a rough stone or plaster texture that looks great and can hold up to literally anything you can throw at it. Ideal for halls and high-traffic areas, this flexible texture can take a beating. Colorwashing and overglazing beautify and seal the surface.
Finitura Scopata
Finitura Scopata (fin-eh-tour-ah sko-pa-tah), Italian for swept finish. Generations of masons and plasterers indeed sparked creativity in otherwise laborious trades. I wonder who first thought to stick a broom into the wet finish. Was it intentional or just a happy accident that happened while cleaning up one day? Perhaps the broom finish stuck because it served the dual function of practicality and esthetics.
Finitura Liscia - Click for Actual Size
Intarsio - Click for Actual Size
Finitura Liscia
Finitura Liscia (fin-eh-tour-ah lee-sha), Italian for "smooth finish". Elegant simplicity is the best description for this timeless wall and furniture finish. Create an array of pastel hues by experimenting with various color combinations. The look and feel of Toscana-Smooth finish will be greatly appreciated by your well-traveled clients
Intarsio (in-tar-see-oh), Italian for inlaid wood, stone or plaster. Our faux embedded stencil pattern technique will save you hours of time and tons of energy. This method gives you the sophisticated look of a tediously embedded pattern with less effort.
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